Hi, I Am Star Omorodion

Up until about a month ago, like everyone else on planet earth, I was wondering how to go to work, raise my children and provide for my family. All that changed in an instance. Corona virus (Covid-19) re-arraigned my thought process. Now like billions around the world, I am wondering if I am next to be infected and possibly die. I am terrified, anxious, nervous and am about to have a hearth attack. I also know that I am not alone. However, what I noticed is the lack of a consulted efforts on our global leaders to come together and fight this horrible disease. Someone to lead the and mobilize the world as one entity, as one human race against the corona virus war. So far every country is for itself. Borders are locked. Thats why I am using my frustration to help myself and people like me to start a conversation to find comfort and maybe we all can make some sense of this global pandemic. Please join me, will you?



World Leaders, Business Leaders & Religious Leaders. You mean no one saw this coming?

This is very bad. No one was looking out for the world. Not the elected world leaders, not the self inpose world leaders, not the business leaders and especially not the religious leaders around the world saw this coming. This is a failure acaccros the board. NO ONE WAS MINDING THE WORLD>