Shame On You GIANT Grocery Store

THIS IS HEARTH BTEAKING. Mother Speaks Out On Losing Daughter To Coronavirus After Helping Elderly: This store have evry elements of the problems facing African Americans in America.

Giant Food Stores, a business likes millions more in America that rape Vulnerable minority groups of their dignity, income and life. Leilani Jordan a helpless vulnerable young girl just trying to survive in America. Coronavirus a viscous pandemic killer that preys on people with underlying conditions like Leilani Jordan. America a country with racism DNA that allows a business like Giant food store to pray on vulnerable people that have no power to fight back. Donald J Trump a man with a ticking time bomb ready to explode anytime he thinks he followers are trying to look away. Hydrocloroquine a drug prescribed by not a doctor but by Donald Trump. The outcome is death! Leilani Jordan died in the hospital 24 hours later. Leilani Jordan was a grocery store clerk with cerebral palsy who kept working through the coronavirus outbreak to help the elderly. She died of coronavirus in her mother’s arms. Her mother, Zenobia Shepherd joins Stephanie Ruhle to share her daughter’s story. Aired on 4/09/2020. Watch The Video and judge for your self.

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